Top tips for a successful virtual event

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Event Builder has been running full-time since May this year providing companies with the tools to host successful virtual and hybrid events. With many events under our belt now, we’ve compiled this list of tips to help you create a successful virtual event.

New SafeWatch helps ensure social distancing at events

SafeWatch by VenuIQ ensures social distancing at events.

Ensuring the safety of all at events is paramount. Current guidelines in place around the world to slow the spread of coronavirus state to stay 1m+ away from each other. With this in mind, we’ve developed a NEW product to help your attendees do that. VenuIQ is delighted to present SafeWatch, a wearable device to assist guests …

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How to “plan the unplannable” with On:Demand from VenuIQ

How to plan the unplannable with VenuIQ

Being honest, we don’t know what is going with our events! Not even the experts do! There has been a lot of planning and re-planning that has taken place and…. as of yet… nobody knows whether their events will happen or even how they will happen! The event industry is lucky to have the best …

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What can we learn from our clients in Covid?

helpful tips from our clients during Covid-19

Transparency is king! So… What can we learn from our clients in Covid? Some are sitting tight, some are going all-in on virtual, some are investing in things they ordinarily don’t have time to and some are just having fun! We’ve been in this lockdown transition for events, and thought we would share what our …

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Why an event app?

Why use an event app when you already have a website? We look at the reasons attendees demand an app at an event.

You may think that having put money into a website for your event that adding an event app is overkill. However, purpose-built apps that work alongside your event website prove to be the best for your attendees. All users appreciate an app that responds quickly with the information they need. Event apps provide more services, …

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Measuring the success of event additions

Measuring the success of event addons graphic

“We didn’t do anything wrong but somehow, we lost” – Stephen Elop, former Nokia CEO We all know the event industry is a saturated market. As an industry we cover all markets, even going so far as having events about events. At these events, the most important thing is to stand out so attendees go …

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Increasing audience participation at your event

Increasing audience participation at your event with these great ideas.

We’re always looking for ways to enhance an event and especially your attendee’s experience of the event. By adding audience participation to your event you increase attendee satisfaction and the chances of your event being classed a success. What type of interactive audience participation can an app add to your event? Questions, Quizzes, Polls, Surveys, …

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How to increase attendee satisfaction and make your event a recurring success

how to increase event attendee satisfaction graphic image

The success of an event is judged on many factors but one stands out more than any other, attendee satisfaction. It’s difficult to measure satisfaction, but you can attempt to quantify it with post-event feedback surveys asking these sort of questions: Did your event attendees have a stress-free day, did they find what they need, …

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Five reasons to choose VenuIQ as your event partner

5 reasons why to choose VenuIQ as your event partner graphic

We know you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to choosing a technology partner for your events. To help you in your decision making we’ve collated the top five reasons you should choose the team at VenuIQ to assist you. 1) Designed by you! VenuIQ is a purpose-built system with all developments driven by …

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