New SafeWatch helps ensure social distancing at events

Ensuring the safety of all at events is paramount. Current guidelines in place around the world to slow the spread of coronavirus state to stay 1m+ away from each other. With this in mind, we’ve developed a NEW product to help your attendees do that. VenuIQ is delighted to present SafeWatch, a wearable device to assist guests in staying the recommended distance from each other.

The SafeWatch is a fully rechargeable wearable device and provides the same features as our normal card beacons in terms of location tracking. In addition, it has an excellent feature that flashes and vibrates if it detects you within 2m of another delegate. It helps actively encourage social distancing.

So, you’ll get accurate information about who is where in your event, numbers of people per room, our great heat mapping technology, and help keep your guests safe.

These watches are rechargeable and can be safely disinfected between use. Prices start from £5 / SafeWatch as a rental per event.

Numbers are limited at this stage so we’re only looking to offer these to interested event teams actively planning right now.

To find out more about SafeWatch and tracking technology for your event, please give us a call on 0121 796 5800.

Marketing manager at VenuIQ.

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