Increasing audience participation at your event

We’re always looking for ways to enhance an event and especially your attendee’s experience of the event. By adding audience participation to your event you increase attendee satisfaction and the chances of your event being classed a success.

What type of interactive audience participation can an app add to your event?

Questions, Quizzes, Polls, Surveys, Feedback, Games

Let’s look at these in more detail.

Seminar Questions

DDF Summit event app in use during seminar for question and answer session

App seminar questions allow everyone to contribute not just those with the loudest voice in the room. Crowdsourcing your questions means discovering the best questions possible. Attendees ask their question in the app and fellow seminar goers can also contribute by upvoting their favourite questions. Moderators, panellists and speakers can then address the most popular questions in the room, while everyone can see what the question is via the simulcast screen. No more passing back and forth microphones while everyone struggles to hear the question. Seminar questions engage audiences and the app encourages more questions as anonymity ensures that even the shy can be a part of the event.


Adding a quiz to your event can be another useful form of engagement. Quizzes can be used to gain attention to your product or service with a competition to win a prize or to gauge an audiences grasp of a subject. Either way, they generate excitement as participants can use their knowledge or find out something about a product/service that might improve future attendance or their positive feeling of the event. Speakers and exhibitors can also use quizzes in the event app to draw attention to their particular event or product offering, an additional offering which as an event organiser you can use in your features and benefits when selling the event.


Polls can be set up in your event app to gather your attendees’ views on a subject or range of subjects. Spark a discussion in a session or seminar with a poll and use the results to frame a conversation. Real-time polls can be set live during an event and results shown in-app and broadcast to a large screen. Giving users a voice positively encourages engagement and your speakers will love the instant feedback they get too.

  • ask questions
  • collect live responses
  • see instant results

Add a poll to your post-event feedback survey and gather quick easy-to-understand data about the success of your event.


Surveys in Event Builder by VenuIQ. Add a survey to your event app to increase audience engagement and satisfaction.

Surveys give you answers to your industry questions. Ask them during an event to get results while people are focused or use them as part of your post-event feedback in your app to gather your audience’s opinion of the event.

Post-Event Feedback

Following your event, email reminders to your attendees to fill in your post-event feedback survey. Event feedback is incredibly important and can provide the proof you need to ensure your event is delivering what attendees require. Your attendees’ views can be gathered with different types of fields including multi-choice, checkbox, free-text, polls, and more.


Scavenger hunt image from Event Builder app.In addition to the above audience interactivity, Event Builder can add games to your event including a scavenger hunt. Using either QR codes to scan in the app or proximity Beacons that the event app will trigger within reach, you set question clues to each target. Guests join in the event and complete the hunt by scanning all QR Codes or triggering all beacons.

Multiple questions send guests around the entire event and can be an excellent method to create traffic at areas furthest from the entrance or the high traffic areas of cafes and meeting points. This can be a great selling point with some of your exhibitors and encourage them to join the event if they know there’ll be guaranteed foot flow to their stand.

If you’d like to discuss increasing attendee participation at your next event, get in touch with the Event Builder team on 0121 796 5800.

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