How to “plan the unplannable” with On:Demand from VenuIQ

Being honest, we don’t know what is going with our events! Not even the experts do! There has been a lot of planning and re-planning that has taken place and…. as of yet… nobody knows whether their events will happen or even how they will happen!

The event industry is lucky to have the best clients and suppliers, but some are not offering too much if any, flexibility in contracts or most importantly delivery dates. This has lead to deeper damage to our industries P&Ls! We are all too aware of the horror stories we’ve heard and many have become super cautious about any commitments they make.

Here are a few ways that VenuIQ is committing to help the event industry “plan the unplannable” for their 2020/2021 events.

Flexible Payment/Commitment

We’ve spent this quarter relentlessly chasing and finding SOLUTIONS for our existing and prospective clients. 9 times out of 10 the solution has not come in the form of getting commitment via a contract, instead, it has been a consultative approach that puts in place a solution, how much notice required and a price.

Why should you commit when you don’t know if your event is even happening? You SHOULDN’T! What you should do is BE PREPARED and have the BEST suppliers in place and ready to go when their events return.

Upfront Pricing

Getting everything in place is one thing, but it is SO IMPORTANT in software to have a price. Not just an RRP price, but a “this is all in with no hidden fees” kind of price, something VenuIQ has pride in always delivering against. This gives you a solid number to plan into your event numbers, company figures and allows you to plan your event calendar and suppliers way easier.

If your supplier can’t commit to a price, give us a call and we’ll let you know ours! We only ever give you the all in, no hidden fees price that you want. Even better, we can let you chop and change your package to make the price and package suit your requirements.

Quick turnaround

Before we know it, the events calendar will be back up and running like never before! What does that mean for us? Back to having long meetings, writing long emails and having LONG days in the office. What it also means is a lot of last-minute decisions are going to be thrust upon us. The dates of events, how many people can attend, who you’re using, what to discuss and more.

You need to make sure that your supplier can keep up with your clients, your events, requirements and importantly your decision making! VenuIQ’s new On:Demand can have a NATIVE app, designed & submitted to the stores in 20 MINUTES!

Build your event’s ROI

This is a no-brainer but your supplier and their services & products need to improve your event and your time efficiency. Every competitor out there is going to be investing to make their events better, and so do you!

Have more digital elements and make your event as virtual/hybrid as you can. It will maximise your audience, create a fantastic community, and give you AMAZING reporting functions that traditional event brochures, Q&A via mic, surveys etc will never give you!

Now is the time that events have to excel more than they ever have and utilising technology can do this!

If you would like to have a virtual coffee to chat things over – existing or prospective customer – please give us a call on 0121 796 5800 or email and we can plan the unplannable together!

Marketing manager at VenuIQ.

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