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VenuIQ is designed around your needs. It can be anything you want it to be but at its heart, VenuIQ is a management system designed to give you the freedom to create an app operated on your customer’s device that provides information about your venue and its contents. That can include exhibitions, conferences, events, locations, meetings, a membership group, or an enterprise.

Expand your app capabilities even further by pairing with our Beacon devices located throughout your venue and you can trigger guide points in your app. So, standing in front of a painting in a gallery could start information playing about the painting, or the visitor could tap their screen to find out more about the artist. Alternatively, a Beacon may trigger your app to tell a customer the price of a sofa they’ve sat on in a department store, where it’s made, who by and what materials it is constructed from.

We can make your app do whatever you want it to do! If you’d like to track visitor movements to see what your most popular exhibit is, the app will collect that information and you can access it in table and graph form. You can see your peak hours, from day to day, season to season. Not just raw ticket data but what your visitors are actually doing when they visit your venue.

Your app doesn’t just work for you though – it makes your visitor’s experience even better. From information points triggered by moving within an Beacon’s range, to providing a guided walk-through map, suggesting a tour based on their free time, or even helping the visitor see where the most people are at present and suggesting a quieter spot to begin. All this and more is possible. See our case studies and suggested uses for more information on how the app could work in your industry.

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