Tracking event delegates

tracking event delegates
Richer delegate experience...richer organiser data The holy grail, silver bullet (or whatever your choice of hyperbolic metaphor) for event organisers is tangible, actionable data on your event whilst giving a seamless and value-added experience to your delegates. Discovering which sessions are most popular, which breakout areas generated the most buzz and perhaps, most importantly, undeniable, ...

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How to monetise your event

monetise your event graphic

Selling tickets to your event isn’t the only way to make it pay for itself. Here’s a comprehensive list of methods we’ve used with successful events teams to monetise their event: 1. Advertising It’s the oldest marketing play there is and still the most successful. Let companies advertise within your communications and charge them for …

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Why event apps fail and how to avoid it happening to you

crowd at event

Recent conversations in the last few months have inspired this post on event app failure. It has become common when speaking to events professionals to discover that their 2017/18 event app has failed. This despite heavy investment in the app. Why? Was it the app, the audience, or the event? Given the fact, nearly half …

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5 Reasons no event is too small for an event app

no event is too small for an event app

So, you’re drawing up your event plans for next year. How are you going to grow your event without compromising what has made it different and special from others? “Do we change the venue?” “Would a location change improve or disrupt?” “Should we add an awards dinner?” But another question popping up more and more …

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MIFID II – Tracking guests for billing purposes at investing events

venuiq - big data location based intelligence for transport hubs

With 2018’s MIFID II’s regulations now in place, corporate access to research must now be paid for directly and not bundled in with other services. This has had several consequences on the investment industry with some companies reducing their commitment to providing research in some sectors, others cancelling conferences, and some providing a catch-all price. Unbundling services doesn’t …

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VenuIQ go VIP at Confex 2017

The International Confex Exhibition 2017 invited VenuIQ to provide the technology for the check-in process, an event app and tracking for VIPs. The Confex VIP event app included full programme information, exhibitor and attendee profiles, schedule, an event specific social media feed, messaging, venue map, and attendee heat map. The app was created using the ...

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VenuIQ assist the MKG Extravaganza – Case Study

Recently we provided the event technology for MKG Foods to manage their annual food tasting event, the MKG Extravaganza. With VenuIQ managing the check-in process via app on iPhone, guests were also given a name badge lanyard carrying one of our beacon devices. This enabled guests to be tracked around the exhibition hall with MKG ...

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Our new Gateway allows real time tracking in your venue

card beacons locate and track heat map graphic at an event. Available from VenuIQ.
Our new Gateway device lets you track the beacons in your venue or workplace in real-time. Adding a Gateway to your beacon installation allow real-time tracking of your customers or assets. The gateway devices are simple to add to your venue and with their dual wifi / bluetooth technology can cope with hundreds of devices. To ...

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Beacon Uses Cheat Sheet

beacon technology uses in your venue or business by VenuIQ - a downloadable pdf cheat sheet leaflet

Are beacons applicable to my industry or my business?
Can beacons solve my problems or help me achieve my goals?
How can I implement beacon technology in my business?
In our cheat sheet, you’ll find many different ideas on how to implement Beacons in various scenarios.

Positive Reports on our IOD:Advance App

hand holding ios app IOD:Advance by VenuIQ
Our latest app, IOD:Advance recently caught the eye of the FT and they ran a glowing article on it this week. This is not Grindr, but a new app helping people meet. The difference is that hookups are strictly for business. “The dating analogy is definitely there,” Mr Webb-Jenkins, 50, muses about his first time ...

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