VenuIQ Resources

Below you’ll find a collection of resources including articles, case studies and information about VenuIQ, our software and the technology that we develop. Download, print and read at your leisure.

The VenuIQ brochure – download and read at your leisure.

VenuIQ 2019 Brochure cover download image

The Event Builder brochure – find out more about our award-winning event app creation software.

learn more about the build your own event app in a browser from VenuIQ in our presentation

The VenuIQ presentation on our app. Click through the screens to find out more.

beacon technology uses in your venue or business by VenuIQ - a downloadable pdf cheat sheet leaflet

Want to know what you can use Beacons for in your business?
Download our Beacon Uses Cheat Sheet

using beacon technology for exhibitions - VenuIQ

Innovative ways to use our software with Beacon technology in Exhibitions. Download our information leaflet.

Case Studies

mkg extravaganza 2017 case study graphic

Read how MKG Foods used VenuIQ to manage their food tasting event and speed up their check-in process.

confex 2017 case study graphic

VenuIQ went VIP for International Confex 2017. Read about our upgrades for their event.

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