Manage your customer traffic flows with proximity alerts.

enhance your retail offers at transport venues with venu-iq

With VenuIQ’s proximity alerts, your app can message people automatically as they move within your venue.

Proximity alerts can be set up to:

  • alert guests to the quickest and smallest queues for food, drinks and bathrooms.
  • manage customer traffic flow so that every asset is operating at a peak level. eg. if the downstairs bar in your theatre is full, alert some guests to use alternative bars.
  • prevent overcrowding situations with accurate numbers of guests in each room.
  • upsell to guests if they’ve lingered in a particular area or exhibit. eg. let them know of a print available in the shop of a specific painting.
  • promote specific items of the week or event via the app
  • trigger additional information about an exhibit or performance when a customer moves near it.
Convert your big data to useful intelligence at transportation hubs with venu-iq

About Proximity Alerts


Proximity alerts are triggered when a customer passes through an area patrolled by a Beacon. Plant beacons around your venue to measure customer traffic and as customers trigger those beacons you’ll know where they are.

From your comprehensive back end administration area, you’ll be able to update alerts easily to alert customers with your messages as each trigger condition is met. All the information collected by the Beacons is presented to you graphically in real time and via tables for later analysis should you wish in the management system.

The VenuIQ app ties in with your existing booking and sales systems to allow automatic proximity alerts for guests. Not only can you increase average sales per guest through upsell options but using hidden beacons around your venue, you can discover and measure where your customers visit and for how long. In turn, you can provide them with more information based on their location, find their way with a map, get more content on an exhibit…it’s all possible with VenuIQ.

Location technology is in place in hundreds of venues around the world. From galleries and museums, to exhibitions and commercial buildings, sports stadiums, conference centres and retailers – all venues can benefit from its use.

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