Event Builder protects NHS leadership conferences

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« VenuIQ answered our call and exceeded our expectations, with an effective platform, comprehensive tech support and most importantly, excellent service. » Leanne Josephs, Head of Events

The UK’s best-supported virtual events

As the world adopts a digital future with fewer real-world meetings, many events are now being successfully delivered online. Event technology companies have embraced this future and provided software platforms for virtual events, but for event management organisations this has created an extra dimension to work with – new software, new processes, and new delivery …

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Top tips for a successful virtual event

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Event Builder has been running full-time since May this year providing companies with the tools to host successful virtual and hybrid events. With many events under our belt now, we’ve compiled this list of tips to help you create a successful virtual event.

Gagnants du meilleur nouveau produit technologique aux Event Tech Awards 2020!

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VenuIQ est ravi d'annoncer que nous avons de nouveau été récompensés par Event Tech Awards. VenuIQ a reçu: Meilleur nouveau produit technologique Pour notre platform pour Événements hybrides. Co-fondateur de VenuIQ, Oliver Rowe a déclaré: «Une réalisation fantastique pour l'équipe de VenuIQ. Je suis ravi pour tous les membres de l'organisation qui voient leur travail acharné reconnu ...

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Four nominations in Event Technology Awards 2020!

Event Technology Awards 2020

VenuIQ is delighted to announce that we have been selected in four categories for the 2020 Event Technology Awards. VenuIQ has been nominated for: Best New Technology ProductBest Use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction (B2B)Best Conference TechnologyBest Event App Co-Founder at VenuIQ, Oliver Rowe said: “Last year it was a complete shock to be …

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Our hybrid event manifesto

We believe in the power of events. We believe physical events will return and will return strongly. They bring a chance to focus, to self-improve, to contribute, to reconnect with colleagues/friends and meet new ones. If anyone tells you that a virtual event can bring the same benefits and value as a physical event then …

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New SafeWatch helps ensure social distancing at events

SafeWatch by VenuIQ ensures social distancing at events.

Ensuring the safety of all at events is paramount. Current guidelines in place around the world to slow the spread of coronavirus state to stay 1m+ away from each other. With this in mind, we’ve developed a NEW product to help your attendees do that. VenuIQ is delighted to present SafeWatch, a wearable device to assist guests …

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How to “plan the unplannable” with On:Demand from VenuIQ

How to plan the unplannable with VenuIQ

Being honest, we don’t know what is going with our events! Not even the experts do! There has been a lot of planning and re-planning that has taken place and…. as of yet… nobody knows whether their events will happen or even how they will happen! The event industry is lucky to have the best …

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