On: Demand is on its way

VenuIQ will soon launch our new autonomous app building system, On:Demand, with an update to the Event Builder product. On:Demand will allow users to create their own branded event apps on a self-serve basis with no further assistance required from an app development team. That’s right, you’ll be in full control, deciding what information goes where and then submitting your app to the app stores. There’s no need for additional customer support costs.

Event organisers can pick from our two proven and popular VenuIQ templates, each with their own benefits depending on event structure and app functional requirements. Additional configuration is available including icons, colour accent, background image, splash screen and app icon.

Once all your event information is entered, event app creators can choose to either publish via their own Appstore accounts or using the VenuIQ account. The app is then added to the build generation queue and users will receive an email when the binaries are built and ready for submission to the app store. This process typically takes less than 24 hours.

Once in the app store, they can continue to take advantage of the huge amount of configuration and customisation that live apps benefit from with the VenuIQ management panel.

Event organisers will be able quickly and easily spin up apps, perfect for managing one or a suite of event apps in a year.

The On:Demand release will replace the Starter base level of VenuIQ’s Event Builder and is priced at just £950 per event.

On:Demand is set for release at Event Tech:Live – November 6 and 7 – and we invite everyone to visit our exhibition stand at the event to view this great new feature in action.

Marketing manager at VenuIQ.

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